FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where are you located?

We are located in Lagos, Nigeria


Do you cover weddings outside Lagos?

Yes we do. We are available to travel to any destination


How much do you charge for travel fees?

Travel fees depend on the destination we are travelling to


When is the best time to book your services?

As soon as possible


How do I book your services for my wedding?

Fill the contact form on our website to indicate the service(s) you want and location of the wedding. 70% deposit is required to book and reserve the date(s).


Check out our rates page to see our rates. We can also put a package together for you to meet your specific needs.


How many photographers are you providing for my wedding?

The number of photographers will depend on the package chosen. We usually advise at least 2 photographers for proper coverage.


How many hours of coverage will I get on the wedding day?

10-12 hours


How do you charge for multiple day weddings?

Our rates are charged per day (10-12 hours). We usually give a discount for multiple day weddings.


How many images will I get?

For a 2 hour pre-wedding engagement session we deliver 50-80 images and for a wedding we deliver 40-60 images per hour of coverage. A full wedding day estimate is between 300 to 600 images.


When will I get my wedding pictures?

Picture highlights of the wedding will be ready in one week (7 days)

Soft copies (edited pictures) will be ready within 4 to 8 weeks


Do you edit all the pictures you deliver?

Yes we do

How do you deliver the pictures when they are ready?

We deliver the final edited pictures to clients via a link to an online gallery.


What is an online gallery?

An online gallery is a password-protected, cloud storage website for your pictures. It is for viewing, downloading and sharing pictures with family and friends.

How long will my pictures be on the online gallery?

Pictures on the online gallery will be there for one year. It is advisable that you download them as soon as possible.

When will I get my wedding album and wall frame?

Your wedding album and wall frame will be ready in 6-8 weeks


How long will it take to get my pre-wedding pictures?

Your pre-wedding pictures will be ready in 1-2 weeks


What size of wedding album will I get?

Our standard album size is 12x16 inches (12x32 inches when open).


How many images do we get in our wedding album?

We usually use 100-150 images on the wedding album


How many pages will the wedding album have?

Our standard wedding album is 50 pages.


Can I add more pages and images to my album?



What is the difference between normal and synthetic photo book album?

A normal photo book is printed on thick photo paper while synthetic photo book is printed on a waterproof nylon material.


Do you have photo book album samples I can take a look at?

Yes we do. Reach out to us.


What are deliverables?

Deliverables are the finished items we deliver to the client.

Deliverables include soft copy of pictures, albums, wall frames, video highlights, flash drive, etc


When is the best time to schedule my pre-wedding shoot?

At least 2-3 months before the wedding


Can we schedule our pre-wedding session for the weekend?

It is usually advisable to fix pre-wedding shoots on weekdays due to our busy schedule on weekends.


Do you provide videography services?

Yes we do


What do I get if I hire you for wedding videography?

You get a

- 3-5 minutes wedding video highlights

- Full length event video on a flash drive

See more information on our rates page


When will I get my wedding video?

Your video will be ready within 4-8 weeks


How many videographers are you providing?

The number of videographers depends on the package you choose. We usually advise at least 2 videographers for proper coverage.

What if I don't want my images used for promotional purposes on social media, website or print media?

Exclusive rights to images cost additional N200,000. This is specially for clients that don't want their images used for promotional purposes on social media, websites and print media.